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Dr Mark Mitchelson M.B.,B.S. (QLD) is a General Medical Doctor, currently located in the state of Queensland, Australia with over 21 years of clinical medical experience. Dr Mark Mitchelson's specific interests include Natural Anti-Aging Medicine, utilizing his extensive knowledge of Anti-Aging Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal Medicines, Super Foods, General Nutrition and Specific Weight Training Exercise Regimes.

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Hi let me introduce myself,

My name is Dr Mark Leslie Mitchelson.

I am a General Medical Doctor with over 21 years of clinical medical experience. In this time I have literally journeyed to the centre of the earth and back again.

On this incredible journey of discovery, I have attended the most prestigious schools and universities available in my country Australia and hence received a first class education for the purpose of unlocking the secrets of the human mind and body. Of course, an education is useless unless it can be applied specifically to the more efficient evolution of my fellow “HUMAN BEINGS”, as this represents the finest achievement that a person can make to society. I therefore, intend to present now to the general public a systematic strategy of “substrate therapies” designed specifically to enhance human capacities to their maximum potential, in terms of the function of the mind and body, no matter what your genetic form.

These secrets have been accumulated over my medical career through a thorough comparison of data which I have examined from both Western and Eastern medical anthropological and dietary cultures.

This is where,


From this study, I have proven that without a doubt that,


As many tribal cultures predict. For example, we all know that people working and training hard whilst consuming a high protein, high calorie diet will get bigger and stronger if they obey the laws of progressive overload training. Of course because of the spectrum of genetic forms that are present in the human race, different people will respond to different types of diet and training regimes, but fortunately most of this is highly predictable to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, many groups of people, for all sorts of reasons are presently propagating enormous amounts of misinformation as well as outright disinformation. This misinformation and disinformation spreads and is passed on to others and is what Professor Richard Dawkins has called a “Me-Me”, which has the effect of “Pick Me!,Pick Me!”, like a good new joke or a new diet, such as “vegetarianism” and nearly every other “ism” for that matter, and if left untreated will make us sick. Because if we were truly meant to be vegetarians, then we would have logically evolved a jaw bone on us like a kangaroo’s.

Specifically vegetarians have all sorts of problems with inadequate B12, Iron and protein assimilation. Vegetables whilst very important in the diet generally, will not by themselves constitute a healthy balanced diet and certainly will not induce a state of “supra-physiological health”. This objective can only be achieved by applying the principles of “Substrate Therapy” at the correct times, using the correct supplements, (all of which are totally natural I might add), whilst practising the correct diet and exercise regime for your sex, age and genetic type.

Would you like to be enhanced?

Obviously the answer must be YES!


So that one can become a more efficient and productive working unit within the general fabric of society and thus improve the living conditions on this The Planet Earth, for all people no matter what their station in life!

As King Solomon once said in the Old Testament Book of the Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes.


Therefore, we must do everything that we can to support the correct environment so that this can take place.

As movement is LIFE and stagnation is DEATH!

First and foremost, the most important “food substrate” that we can introduce into our bodies are Certain Amino Acids, these being the essential templates from which our bodies are designed to produce proteins, neurotransmitter substances (brain chemicals) and hormones.

Without abundant amounts of all of the above substances, we become weak and pitiful animals barely able to sustain life. This is why in the natural world the biggest, strongest animal makes the kill and then has prior access to the kill, until it has eaten its fill which is why it is the most powerful member of its group.

As we get older, the anabolic hormones produced by the body reduce in concentration over time, thus proving Mohammad’s observation in the Koran that,


To get the proper production of hormones necessary to drive the various target organs, two components are required.

One is the fuel (the amino acid substrates) and the second is the controlling mechanism (the human brain itself)!

Indian Yogis have proven over many years practice, that they have gained immense control of their brains and bodies.

Firstly, they induce a profoundly relaxed conscious state by utilizing meditation or trance mental exercises. Secondly, they learn how to control their muscles and breathing using the somatic nervous system and then lastly, they control their other automatic body systems using the autonomic nervous system.

Then by controlling the very thoughts themselves, they can hence control the output of their various endocrine glands secretions and thus produce various desired effects throughout the body!


By eliminating all negative thoughts, the Indian Yogi can choose to be in any “state of consciousness” so desired and can induce at will any physical condition so desired, including the cure of cancer or any disease state. The mechanism for this process is the cerebral cortex’s control of the hypothalamus which in turn, because it is replete with neuro-secretory cells (these cells are full of 5 various releasing hormones) which effect the secretion of the master gland, the Pituitary Gland and therefore its various reactions throughout the body.

This mechanism explains the phenomenon seen in many cultures such as when the Australian Aboriginal “wills” himself to death because he has broken some arbitrary tribal taboo or in the opposite example of the person whose “belief state” is such that they can achieve almost impossible goals.

I believe that Jesus Christ once said,


Active visualization of the state you want your body to be in, whilst in a meditative state is the key to this essentially anatomical process.

If one has an angry or depressive or anxious thought pattern, one will exhibit the corresponding physiological state. All of which are deleterious examples of a primitive emotional state, which given our current goal of achieving a supra-physiological state of health are positively disempowering.

The power of positive thinking is thus explained and the necessity of active self-programming using the tools of Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Subliminal Suggestion and Neuro-Linguistic programming is thus essentially explained.


Otherwise, an illogical disempowering result will occur which would be extremely non-beneficial to the holder of such a perception!

Yours Truly,

Dr Mark Mitchelson M.B.,B.S.(QLD)


TESS: My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, thank you so much for granting me and my readers worldwide this Seventh and final interview with regards to your impressive “GOOD NEWS THESIS” on what actually constitutes the “THE TREE OF LIFE” and your “ALL AUSTRALIAN NATURAL ANTI-AGING HEALTH REVOLUTION”!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: My dear Tess, I now wish to delve into the way, in which people can best self program themselves mentally automatically, so as to perform their various functions not only more efficiently, but also for a much longer time than is usually expected.

In this regard, I specifically want to discuss the medical hypnosis discipline of “NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING” (NLP), which is a form of hypnosis, that teaches you to operate your mind properly, with a particular type of thinking which basically encourages people to take up and practice any type of behavioural skill program that would be highly beneficial to them at any given time, by modelling off someone who is an example of excellence in that particular pursuit. For example, if you wanted to be a fantastic racing car driver, you would obviously model your driving skills, by studying how somebody like Mario Andretti drove his racing cars.

Also, at the same time as practicing this positive self programming modelling methodology as described above, you would also simultaneously be practicing the removing or deleting any old programs or memories that were of a negative nature or deleterious to one’s current state of mental or physical health.

Hence, whatever the information that is programmed into your cerebral cortex over a period of time, will further over that time morph into a neural network web of information programs, that will collectively allow the individual possessor of these particular behavioural programs, to be able to act in a very, very resourceful way to any challenge that may present itself to that individual, at any particular time or in any particular environment.

If something that you were doing for a period of time that was a successful strategy starts to fail at working because of some uncontrollable external environmental change, then you must drop that behaviour immediately that has become unsuccessful and try the most logical adaption possible as your new strategy.

One must therefore, delete and “go on in our lives”, as “nothing lasts forever” and there is “only change”, which we can manipulate to some degree by the way in which we perceive, adapt and mould ourselves behaviourally, to whatever new challenge that emerges in the future that may be. It is this behavioural shape shifting type of methodology that NLP encourages and teaches you how to perform properly, which I most highly recommend!

In comparison, most other psychological treatment methodologies that are available, only basically encourage the repetitive mulling over of the past negative experiences of the patient, by replaying the old painful memories in therapy sessions, which I believe is not a helpful type of methodology in the majority of cases?!

Hence, I firmly believe that we should be doing the exact opposite by using the NLP model of treatment, which will definitely be more beneficial for most people in the long run!


It is only by “moving on” in our lives and “turning the page” so to speak at the appropriate time, which will actually enable you to emerge from one chapter of your individual life pathway into the next chapter that our lives can ever really have a logical outcome. Since life pathways generally come in discretely continuous chunks naturally anyway, means that the more efficiently we can perform this behavioural shape shifting process, then the better it will be for all of us in the long run.

TESS: Oh, That is a simply wonderful way of looking at things Dr Mark Mitchelson, I am so glad that you have informed me and my readers about NLP!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Now I wish to discuss Self Hypnosis which is simply a focussing of the attention. It is impossible to focus on any one thing for any length of time without going into a trance, or a level of Self Hypnosis. At times during Self Hypnosis, the brain is extremely calm. Deep relaxation leads to “theta wave” brain activity which is a highly beneficial and rejuvenating state. Self Hypnosis allows us to also gain control over unconscious processes. Using Self Hypnosis, we can affect emotional states, blood pressure, relaxation levels and much, much more.

TESS: Oh, What a marvellous idea Dr Mark Mitchelson and I bet that NLP and Self Hypnosis are really easy to learn and practice and are thus, essential KNOW HOW!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Tess, another good idea that I wish to inform you about are Self Help Subliminal Messages, which are messages that are displayed for such a short period of time on your computer, that your mind does not register what it sees. Instead, your mind registers the message subconsciously. This means that your conscious mind cannot form arguments against these subliminal messages and so your mind is hence more susceptible to the subliminal ideas. Self Help Subliminal Message software programs let you decide what messages to give to yourself.

In some software programs available, you can choose from 370 or more positive affirmations!

TESS: I and my reader’s worldwide will I am sure, look into these particular SELF HELP SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE PROGRAMS immediately. Thank you so much Dr Mark Mitchelson for being so helpful!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, now it is time to discuss an ancient art called Meditation. When practiced regularly, Meditation can promote physical and psychological well being. When practiced regularly Meditation can allow you to reach a state of consciousness, where your mind and body will begin to heal each other, the so-called Inverse Extreme phenomena, which I have discussed at length in my best selling new book “The Origin of the Origin and the Nature of Reality”!

Positive psychological changes that occur during Meditation are associated with higher levels of telomerase, an enzyme vital for the health and longevity of all of the body’s cells at the DNA level! The benefits of Meditation are most noticeable when it is practiced on a regular basis. Even 10 minutes a day can have profound overall health benefits to your body and mind! By gaining control over a hyperactive mind state through the gentle discipline of Meditation, you can experience increased awareness, inner peace and an array of various other health benefits.

TESS: Oh, Dr Mark Mitchelson, You are truly my GURU now! Please, do enlighten me and my worldwide readers again, with your brilliant world leading philosophies on natural healing!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, you have asked for it, so now I am going to “REVEAL” the actual underlying mechanics of true “NATURAL HEALING” to your good self. Basically, we have now learnt how we can produce a profoundly relaxed “TRANCE STATE” with our mind body complex, through our various Meditation and Self Hypnosis practises. The next step is to practice a hypnotic discipline called “ACTUALIZED VISULIZATION”.

For example, if you are suffering from an incurable medical disease state like cancer or say drug resistant tuberculosis, then I can inform you now that there are actually many, many cases of spontaneous remission, that have been recorded over time by the medical literature with regards to these essentially hopeless cases.

Most of these particular types of medical cases remain completely unexplained phenomena with our current science based western medical treatment methodologies, up until now that is!

However, I will now describe how this phenomenon is actually achieved and that is by the hypnotic discipline called “ACTUALIZED VISULIZATION”, which involves first of all creating a deep “TRANCE STATE” via our Self Hypnosis and Meditation practices. Once this state of control over our unconscious mind body complex is achieved, then all we have to do is to visualize the cancer cells or the various pathologic virus or bacteria cells for example in our minds eye, as the “black soldiers” and our various natural defence cells, like our white blood cells as the “white soldiers”.

Needless to say, in the hypnotically controlled programmed imagination of our minds eye, the “white soldiers” fight a battle and thus completely overrun the “black soldiers” and kill them all completely, which leads of course to a spontaneous remission state of the original disease process occurring.

I personally have completely cured more than a few people of incurable terminal cancer by instructing them in this most worthy hypnotic program practice, when all other western based medical treatments had failed and they were basically written off by the western medical expert establishment.

This particular practice is very potent indeed, if at the same time you are practicing our fabulous “ANTI-AGING DIET” which of course is designed to promote general health and well being, whilst at the same time rapidly removing from the body quite quickly any deleterious toxins which have accumulated as a result of poor western lifestyle choices.

By controlling the very thoughts themselves, you can hence control the output of the various endocrine glands secretions, as well as other bodily functions and thus produce various desired effects throughout the body.

The mechanism for this process is the cerebral cortex’s control of the hypothalamus (another part of the brain), which in turn because it is replete with neuro-secretory cells (these cells are full of 5 various releasing hormones) which effect the secretion of the master gland, the Pituitary Gland and therefore its various reactions throughout the body.

By eliminating all negative thoughts, you can choose to be in any state of consciousness so desired and can induce at will any physical condition so desired, including the cure of cancer or any disease state.

TESS: Oh Dr Mark Mitchelson, I am now completely Flabbergasted by the extent of your natural healing knowledge or “KNOW HOW”! It is truly amazing!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Now unfortunately for all of us, many groups of people, for all sorts of reasons are presently propagating enormous amounts misinformation, as well as outright disinformation. This misinformation or disinformation spreads and is passed on to others and is what Professor Richard Dawkins has called a “Me-Me”, which has the effect of “Pick Me-Pick Me”, like a good new joke or a new diet such as “vegetarianism” and nearly every other “ism” for that matter and if left untreated will make us sick.

To be frank with you Tess, I am absolutely appalled at the level that this phenomenon has now reached in human society with modern telecommunications and the internet. For example, after proving conclusively that a Creative God is actually an impossible notion in my best selling new book on cosmology “The Origin of the Origin and Nature of Reality” we are left with the invariable conclusion that what forms a lot of people’s religious beliefs and other attitudes is just based on complete and absolute nonsense. Just because you father or mother for that matter believed something to be true or practiced some sort of behaviour based on a False Belief, is no logical reason to continue that behaviour into the future, as far as I can see.

It will only be by replacing all of these various Stupid False Beliefs and self programming ourselves with True Beliefs and hence True Knowledge that we can ever hope to get out of any mess that we have unwittingly made for ourselves.

TESS: Yes Dr Mark Mitchelson, I can only agree with you that only “the truth can set us free”!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Therefore, we must do everything that we can to support the correct environment so that this can take place, which is why I have now finished presenting to you my good Tess and your readers worldwide my Systematic Strategy of Anti-Aging Substrate Therapies designed specifically to enhance human capacities to their maximum potential, in terms of the function of the mind and body, no matter what your age or genetic form.

TESS: May I take the opportunity to thank you Dr Mark Mitchelson for sharing your incredible information with both me and my worldwide readers!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: My humble duty and mission are now complete!

Please may I firmly advise that you all.


As this is the only logical action possible due to the quite simple Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect, which is the only principal that we should always obey, that will create the future, which we all surely would wish to exist!

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