TESS: My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, I believe that you have just recently concluded a series of interviews with a reporter at the “Asia Times” a Major Magnus Grimshaw with regards to your new “Theory of Everything”, the so-called “Proof of Reality” which is explained in your fascinating new book, entitled “The Origin of the Origin and Nature of Reality”, which I believe basically re-discovers “The Philosophers’ Stone” as such, where it relates to the biblical reference of “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” in the Holy Bible.

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Yes Tess, that is correct. However, after many years of study and contemplation, I now wish to reveal another of the Planet Earths greatest secrets of all time and that is straight from Ponce De Leon. This is the knowledge of ,“THE TREE OF LIFE” or in other words, the secret of "THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH" or at its very least a very long, healthy life span.

TESS: Please do tell me Dr Mark Mitchelson! As I have heard that you are the Planet Earth’s leading expert on natural Anti-Aging Medicine and I am quite sure that my readers worldwide will be completely fascinated by your various deductions.

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, first of all we must discuss the anthropological conclusions that I have deduced from my study of the inhabitants in the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan. Apparently these particular people are extremely long lived, having average life spans of at least 120 years and they are still sexually active at 100! These particular people basically drink water which is a runoff from the Himalayan mountain glaciers and is very high in colloidal mineral content. Also, they grow and subsist off Oranges and Apricots primarily that they grow organically themselves. The Oranges being very high in Vitamin C and the Apricots being very high in Vitamin E. These 2 Vitamins have been shown to have very high anti-oxidant capacities in the human body and to retard the aging process at a cellular level I might add!

Also, it has been shown conclusively, that if a human being has an adequate intake of 7 (seven) key minerals in their diet, then this keeps the body manufacturing Super Oxide Dismutase, which is one of the human bodies other key ant-oxidant systems which also retards the aging process at the cellular level.

TESS: So Dr Mark Mitchelson, you are basically saying that by having a diet that is high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the various minerals then you will live and function better, for longer?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Tess, that is the precise conclusion that I have come to have. However, for us people living in the modern western countries, eating a modern diet full of highly processed foods, may I be so bold to suggest that one would have to take supplemental Vitamin C (1000mg/day) and Vitamin E (500iu/day,) as well as a good plant based mineral complex, of which I firmly believe “Sizzling Minerals” to be the best one on the market, as this particular supplement is made from prehistoric plant humus, which is over 70 million years old, which was a time when the Planet Earth’s soils had a much higher mineral content and which also contains over 70 organically derived minerals and trace elements. These organic minerals have been absorbed into the plants growing at that particular time and if you do have any sort of mineral or trace element deficiency of any kind, which is quite a common occurrence in these modern times with our basic diets full of processed foods, then this will correct these deficiencies, as well as any disease process connected to the particular mineral deficiency, of which there are many!

TESS: What else can you inform my readers about my dear Dr Mark Mitchelson?

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, I will tell you all of the secrets. The fact is that these Hunza Valley folk never get cancer either and that is because they take the kernel from their organically grown Apricots that they grow themselves and grind them up and incorporate this mixture in the various jams that they produce locally. The Apricot kernel is very high in another Vitamin, Vitamin B17, or laetrile. This simple folk medicine custom ensures that the inhabitants of the Hunza Valley of Northern Pakistan never get cancer!

Foods rich in Vitamin B17 include apple seeds, alfalfa sprouts, apricot kernels, bamboo shoots, barley, beet tops, almonds, black cherries, cranberries, currants, fava beans, flax seeds, gooseberries, huckleberries, lentils, lima beans, linseed meat, loganberries, macadamia nuts, millet, millet seed, peach kernels, pecans, plum kernels, quince, raspberries, spinach, sprouts ( alfalfa, lentil, mung bean, buckwheat), strawberries, walnuts, watercress, yams.

TESS: Ok Dr Mark Mitchelson, what other secrets to anti-aging can you inform my readers about?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Yes Tess, I believe that it is my duty to inform you and your readers about everything that I know, which is a vast information data collection, that I have been progressively compiling privately over many years of medical studies, that is based on anti-aging medical techniques, which are principally plant derived nutritional strategies.

For example for the protection of your joints, blood vessels and heart, I recommend that a person should take at least 2000mg of Fish Oil daily, with Krill Oil being a bit better alternative than the Fish Oil, because it contains another powerful anti-oxidant Astaxanthin, plus at least 1000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil daily, which contains (GLA) gamma-linolenic Acid, which is the substrate that your body makes synovial fluid from, which lubricates your joints. Flaxseed oil from organically grown Flaxseed plants may be desirable to use now as a replacement for the Fish or Krill Oil in recent times, because of the progressive contamination of the oceans, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere with nuclear isotopes from the Fukushima Disaster and or other excessive fossil fuel contaminates, which include mercury which is released from the burning of coal, which is a potent neurotoxin.

Also, for perfect joint health I would also recommend taking at least 1000mg of Glucosamine daily, which is the substrate that is necessary for the body to make joint cartilage.

In fact Chinese people love eating Sea Cucumber, which is naturally very high in glucosamine and it is very rarely that you see a Chinese person with Osteoarthritis, which is a disorder emanating primarily from our poor dietary habits in the western countries, in comparison with Asian peoples from the eastern countries.

TESS: Ok Dr Mark Mitchelson, we will wind this particular interview up now and we will follow up with parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 shortly thereafter, when you can tell me and my readers some more of your closely guarded secrets!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: You can bet your life on that Tess.


TESS: My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, please let us continue our discussion on anti-ageing natural complementary medicines?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Before I begin my dissertation in Part 2 of this series, first of all I would like to bring to your reader’s attention a quotation from the Holy Bible, Genesis 3.22.

And the Lord God said,

“The man has now become like one of us, knowing good from evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from "THE TREE OF LIFE" and eat and live forever.” “So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.”

TESS: My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, surely you have decoded the mystery behind this particular passage in the Holy Bible?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Of course I have Tess, as I am now the world’s leading expert on this type of knowledge and I am going to share these secrets with you and your readers, since you all are showing so much interest in these topics, which I might add is perfectly natural.

In my previous interview with you, I mentioned about the fact that Fish Oil and or Flaxseed Oil are the so-called Good Oils and that these particular oils are both full of n-3-omega fatty acids, with the Fish Oil coming from an animal based source and the Flaxseed Oil coming from a plant based source.

Evening Primrose Oil is full of n-6-omega fatty acids, as well as n-9-omega fatty acids. All 3 of these omega fatty acids are extremely necessary for proper cellular membrane production of all the cells present in the human body, particularly the brain cells! The balance of these 2 Good Oils consumed in the daily anti-aging diet must be 2: Fish/Flaxseed Oil compared to the 1: Evening Primrose oil for the maximum benefit for the human body to occur.

Also, I mentioned that there were in fact 7(Seven) Minerals that were very necessary for various reasons for longevity to occur in human beings and these are 1) Selenium, 2) Chromium, 3) Zinc, 4) Manganese, 5) Potassium, 6) Calcium, 7) Magnesium. These particular minerals are the key minerals necessary for proper cellular reproduction and function. You will note that in many Continents such as Australia and South Africa that the soils are deficient in Zinc and Selenium, which is a particular problem for the inhabitants of these land masses since at one time these continents were joined together as one massive super-continent Gondwanaland. Zinc in particular which can be sourced from the consumption of onions, is very necessary for Testosterone production, in both the males and the females of the human species.

Also, another key ingredient to my anti-aging protocol is Whey Protein, which has high amounts of the amino acid Cysteine, which is the substrate, which is used to make the other main anti-oxidant system in the human body, which is Glutathione. This Glutathione also creates an extremely powerful cellular anti-aging effect. Whey protein can be mixed in with any type of milk and be consumed at breakfast time on various cereals for the most convenience.

Taking all of these factors into consideration as the basic core supplements for our anti-aging dietary regime. The next most important ingredient to our basic anti-aging regime is the food consumed itself, which should be eaten in the ratio of Complex Carbohydrates 60%, Lean Protein 30% and Fats 10%. Naturally, wholemeal organic bread, rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables should constitute the main complex carbohydrate sector of foods eaten.

Lean sources of animal protein should be sourced from high quality red meats which are primarily grass fed, chicken (free range) without the skin and fresh coastal fishes and seafood, as long as they are sourced from non-polluted oceans and other waterways, which is getting progressively harder to do in this day and age.

Fats should be sourced from extra virgin olive oil and margarine, as well as the natural run off from your lean animal protein, which you are consuming on a daily basis when it is cooked appropriately. (Do not use Aluminium Foil for any cooking processes!)

A 100 kg man for example, if he is training with weights or working hard physically, should consume at least 100 – 200 grams of lean animal or vegetable protein per day. That is 1-2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day, divided so that not more than 30 grams of protein is consumed in one meal sitting. This normally means that at least 5 smaller meals per day should be consumed in each 24 hour period of time. Animal protein sources are far superior in their overall amino acid content and balance thereof, so these sources should be preferred to vegetable sources. However, the occasional use of vegetable protein sources, such as lentils, peas or soya beans is somewhat satisfactory, but for various reasons is not the best source of proteins for the human body in ideal circumstances.

TESS: My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, are there any other factors that we should consider in our perfect anti-aging regime that you have not told me about yet?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: My dear Tess, I would also like to recommend another product called Ambrotose AO, which is supplied by a company called Mannatech, that contains a unique synergistic anti-oxidant blend of natural glyconutrients, which not only supports your immune system, but also protects against free radicals and their damaging effects. In other words, this product can massively reduce premature aging!

TESS: My good doctor, are there any other subjects with regards to your excellent anti-aging regime, that you have not told me about yet, as I am quite sure that our world wide readers would be very interested about these subjects.

DR MARK MITCHELSON: There are a few other things, such as Do not use a microwave oven to cook your food, as these types of cooking devices, reduce the nutrient content in the food radically through the bombardment of the food by high intensity microwave radiation. They are banned for use for food preparation in Russia I might add!

Also, do not use Aluminium cookware or Aluminium based anti-perspirants for that matter, as the Aluminium will get absorbed into the blood stream and go straight to the brain and be laid down and cause Alzheimer’s disease eventually. Only use Stainless steel, or Ceramic Cookware to cook your food in, as these have been definitely proven to be safe types of utensils for cooking foods, through the test of time.

Furthermore, if you must eat deep fried foods, which you can occasionally consume. Use only Sesame Oil or Coconut Oil to deep fry things in. Canola oil or any other Oils for that matter, such as lard or butter are just cheap and nasty with regards to their eventual effects in the body.

Eat only fresh, organically grown foods, as these have the greatest nutrient and mineral content, which is very good for you. Frozen or tinned foods are best avoided, but can be eaten occasionally because not only do they lack fresh nutrients, but they also contain food additives, phthalates (hormone disrupters) and preservatives, which are generally best avoided if possible, because they in themselves can induce various food allergy reactions and diseases.

Fresh Spices and Herbs of all different kinds are very good to be used in your cooking, because they normally contain very high quantities of minerals, nutrients, phytochemicals and other anti-oxidants, which is why Asian type prepared meals are generally much healthier for you, than most of the western based cuisines. The various spices available from around the Planet Earth can actually be used as treatments for some diseases, as they were in times long past.

However, this is a major topic all in itself, which I may discuss with you at a later time, on another day. Finally, based on my extensive current research, I would definitely be avoiding all genetically modified foods, as I believe the scientists from Monsanto are extremely arrogant, as well as being totally ignorant, because my “Proof of Reality” or “Philosopher’s Stone”, implies that we as human beings have evolved over 4.6 billion years of annual dice throws, along with all the other plants and animals present at this time on the Planet Earth. So to think that you can just splice a few genes here and there into foods already present and expect that they can be consumed by the majority of people safely, is extremely simplistic science in my view. Therefore these foods are best avoided, unless you want to become a human guinea pig for Monsanto!

TESS: Ok, Dr Mark Mitchelson, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul, for generously sharing your special secrets on nutrition, with me and my readers worldwide, for the benefit of all humankind!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: The pleasure was all mine Tess and in part 3, I will really inform you of my greatest ever secrets from "THE TREE OF LIFE”!


TESS: My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson our website has been simply overwhelmed by enquiries since our last interview together, in Part 2. I am simply amazed by the responses so far!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, now I am really going to amaze you further with the extent of my knowledge, with regards to anti-aging medicine straight from my extensive studies of “THE TREE OF LIFE”.

Firstly, with regards to our discussion on basic food preparation, may I be so bold as to inform you that all food eaten as fruits and vegetables should be eaten as 50% raw, as this type of food preparation will radically increase nutrient levels, as a lot of food nutrient levels are decreased massively with over cooking, therefore consuming more healthy salads and fresh fruits are very good for you!

Secondly, Pork, Chicken and Fish food products should all be cooked until they are white throughout, just cooked completely, but not overcooked! Red meats should be cooked as medium or rarer still, as well done meats with the charcoaling effect can cause effect cancer formation when consumed over long periods of time, as the overcooking of the red meats denatures proteins leading to the subsequent production of carcinogens which can cause effect cancer production. Similarly, processed meats such as smoked ham, smoked salmon and sausages can be eaten, but beware the massive over consumption of these particular meats, as they can cause cancer if consumed excessively over long periods of time, because of the nitrates present in the food production process when these meats are cured for preservation. Thus fresh young meat is the best meat to eat, so to speak!

TESS: Excellent news Dr Mark Mitchelson! What else have you got to tell me and my readers from your extensive medical studies?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, we have finished our discussion now with food types and the various methods of food preparation. Therefore, I want to concentrate on some very important principles from the Indian and Chinese branches of Ayurvedic Medicine, which are not very well known in western medicine, if they are known at all!? Primarily, the most important Anabolic Hormone present in both males particularly and to a lesser degree in the females is Testosterone. By simply consuming foods high in Zinc, which is the basic substrate for Testosterone production by the body, such as Onions on a daily basis, then Testosterone levels will be increased. Also, getting adequate sun exposure will cause effect Vitamin D to be produced by the body, which has been recently shown to radically increase Testosterone levels, as well as being responsible for at least 20 or more different health promoting proteins being synthesized in the human body, thus enhancing a General Well Being Effect. In fact, the male testicles even have a Vitamin D receptor site! Therefore, daily sun bathing is a Must Do activity for maintaining healthy Testosterone levels in both male and female human beings, which should be at least 30 minutes per day in duration, graduated in time length progressively of course, so that you do not get sun burnt! Now apart from these basic practises, which are good practises for young people, as well as for older people.

Older people can also boost their Testosterone levels substantially by taking the Asian herbs Ashwagandha (this herb mainly boosts Testosterone levels by increasing Luteinising Hormone levels in the human body, by increasing Luteinising Hormone production from the Pituitary Gland). Ashwagandha also decreases cortisol levels and hence, this effect has a positive effect on raising testosterone levels generally as well. Tongkat Ali which markedly increases Free Testosterone levels, by reducing the levels of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, which I might add tends to increase as we men age. Also, the perfect herbal anabolic stack is complete with some Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet Bean), which mainly increases Growth Hormone production and hence IGF-1 levels, along with also boosting Testosterone blood levels. The Free Testosterone (this is the bioavailable form of Testosterone) blood levels, as well as the Growth Hormone blood levels of 40 year old people are about 40% of what they are at 20. At 50, they are 30%. At 60, they are 20% and at 70 they are 10% of what they were at the age of 20. Hence, after this time, you basically die from a generalized natural anabolic hormone deficiency, which is the cause effect of many of the commonly known western degenerative diseases!

Therefore, natural herbal plant based supplementation strategies that can increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone blood levels to more youthful levels for a longer period of time, will actually be better for everybody in the long run, rather than any cosmetic surgical practice you can think about, which just offers a temporary Quick Fix and No long Term Solution to the problem of aging, as far as I can see. Also, with these types of surgical procedures there are also the risks of chronic neuropathic pain development, as well as nasty infections with antibiotic resistant superbugs!

Male Humans, can also raise their Testosterone levels significantly, by just reducing their belly fat levels to an absolute minimum. This metabolic anabolic effect occurs because fat contains an enzyme called Aromatase, which converts Testosterone into Oestrogen, the female hormone. Therefore the fatter the male is, the lower his testosterone goes and then the whole mind body complex in the male individual, becomes "out of balance", so to speak! Also, White Button Mushroom Extract is known to markedly lower Aromatase levels, thus reducing Testosterone conversion into Oestrogen, so this is another useful adjunct herbal remedy for this particular problem.

Also, if one is raising Testosterone levels in ageing males, it is prudent to consume Saw Palmetto at the same time, which is another type of herb, which blocks the conversion of Testosterone into Di-hydro-Testosterone, which is the cause of "Male Pattern Baldness" and "Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy". In other words, this particular herb will prevent these medical conditions from occurring and actually reverse these problems if already established.

TESS: Does that mean Dr Mark Mitchelson that we can all be making love at 100 years of age, like the Hunza Valley people from Northern Pakistan?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: It gets even better than that my dear Tess! I have also through my extensive medical studies, which have been ongoing and totally laborious for over 21 years now, designed and formulated a mixture of 6 specific Amino Acids, plus Bovine Colostrum, 7 (seven) components in all, that if when they are taken on an empty stomach just before retiring at night. Will effectively mimic the sort of Growth Hormone production Pulse from your pituitary gland that a 30 year old person produces!

I call this marvel of a biological invention which is known as a Growth Hormone Secreataguoge, MED-HGH ™ and this product will surely cause effect the aging effect and all of its associated maladies and illnesses to be effectively minimized to a large extent, thus it will be a major boon to human society in general.

TESS: Oh, Dr Mark Mitchelson! You are truly my hero now! Where can I get some of the MED-HGH™?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Well that is another story, which I will inform you fully about at another time. However, it is suffice to say, that this secret is very importantly guarded and will only be released to needy individuals.

TESS: Are there any anti-aging plant based strategies that you have studied with regards to women specifically enduring menopause?

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Well, I would recommend continuous treatment in the form of female hormone replacement with a natural plant oestrogen derived from Red Clover, which is called Promensil and for progesterone replacement I would recommend Wild Yam Creams, as these are both effective treatments for menopausal conditions in women and also aid the anti-aging effect that we are looking for immensely, with negligible side effects in the great majority of women out there in the general community.

Also, I might add that women can take all of the other supplements that I have spoken about previously in this interview, with regards to increasing their libido and or anabolic hormone levels, particularly with regards to increasing the Growth Hormone levels naturally to a more youthful level by using the MED-HGH™.

TESS: Thank you my dear Dr Mark Mitchelson for sharing your greatest secrets with me from "THE TREE OF LIFE”!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: No worries Tess, it has been my pleasure.


TESS: MY dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, our website and other natural health medical websites from around the Planet Earth have been simply overrun with enquiries from our readers as regards to your truly amazing anti-aging health dietary regime and other secrets from "THE TREE OF LIFE”.

Dr MARK MITCHELSON: I do not doubt that for one minute Tess, because to tell you the truth, in my early medical career, first of all I was trained in Western Medicine, as a General Medical Doctor right here in Australia with a heavy bias given to the British Surgical Model of Treatment I might add and then because I was always a very curious type of student, I studied all about the various philosophies of the Eastern Medical Practises in my spare time. After some 21 years of traditional General Medical Practice here in Australia, eventually I became somewhat disillusioned with some of these western medical practises.

Also I might add that I actually come from a family of athletes; my uncle Lloyd Mitchelson, my father’s brother was Australia’s Olympic Pentathlon Champion and represented Australia at three Olympic Games which included Rome, Tokyo and Munich.

Hence, I personally have always trained regularly at a gym with weights for over 37 years now and I have naturally accrued a lot of specialized knowledge on dietary regimes, weight training and other exercise regimes which marries quite perfectly with my western and eastern medical knowledge of herbal medicines, health promoting vitamins, minerals and other supplements. Over these years through my own trials and observations of the other gym patrons, I have deduced from my own experiences in the gym, what actually works and what does not work well and easily.

To be frank with you, a lot of articles that are written in “Muscle and Fitness” type magazines are written by the athletes themselves and of course there is a lot of misinformation, as well as outright disinformation in these types of magazines for various reasons, which can only be properly deciphered by someone with either a traditional science or medical degree.

I have found over the years, that it is actually a very common practise for athletes to actually obfuscate the details with regards to what they are truly doing themselves, because they are in a competition with their various rivals and of course every athlete is genetically unique, so not all diets, training regimes or supplements are appropriate for everybody who wishes to look and feel younger or satisfies their particular training goals. These sorts of things must be tailored to suit specific people’s genetic types, gender, age and special needs and goals. So really it is quite a complex subject which requires much study and contemplation, as well as practise.

TESS: A lot of our readers are intrigued by your MED-HGH™ formula and what it can do for them.

Dr MARK MITCHELSON: These types of Growth Hormone Secreatagoges have been in use for many years now in gyms, especially in the USA and what they do is to actually facilitate the body’s own Pituitary Gland, to pump out a bit more Growth Hormone at more youthful levels, which is naturally released anyway about an hour or so after you go to sleep at night. Growth Hormone is also released after a short intense workout with weights, which is actually why these particular activities are two of the best things that you can do naturally, to look and feel younger for a lot longer. That is getting a good night of quality sleep (at least 8 hours of sleep per night) and to train intensely with weights at least 3 times per week, for not more than one hour’s duration per session of training.

My MED-HGH™ formula I believe is the best and most potent one available on the market at this present time and it is made from 6 naturally occurring amino acids, all of which have been shown by many separate independent scientific studies to increase Growth Hormone levels in humans. My formula also contains Bovine Colostrum which is a source of pure IGF-1, which is the main break down product, made by the body from Growth Hormone and is manufactured by the body in the Liver. In fact, not only does it work in athletes to build more muscle mass and increase a more youthful skin tone!

I have actually seen medical patients with advanced osteoarthritis of their knee and or hip joints, actually regrow joint cartilage and avoid costly and potentially major joint replacement surgery, which has quite a high failure rate anyway, which is in the order of about 20% or more, based on the latest figures available I believe. This effect is particularly improved markedly, if the patient is also contemporaneously consuming supplemental Fish Oil/ Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and a multi- mineral supplement of which Sizzling Minerals is the best one on the market, in my opinion.

With the increased levels of Growth Hormone facilitated by the MED-HGH™ supplement, the other joint substrates are literally driven into the worn out joints and the cartilage repair and growth is markedly increased, to the point where most folk are pain free after a three to six months period of time during which they are consuming this nutritional treatment regime.

TESS: That’s amazing stuff Dr Mark Mitchelson, have you tested it on many people.

Dr MARK MITCHELSON: Yes, about 200 people in Australia and there was not even one deleterious side effect recorded I might add, because this miracle can be facilitated just with some simple food supplements consumption. It is knowing the combination of the appropriate components and when to take them appropriately, which is the complex part. It is very satisfying to see the lame and crippled older folk walk pain free again, without having to undertake expensive risky surgery, I might add!

TESS: Are there any other herbal treatments that you would recommend for longevity?

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Yes, there is also a Chinese herb called Astragalus Membranaceus, that I have studied, which is not only an adaptogen like ginseng, but also an anti-oxidant, an anti-bacterial agent and an anti-inflammatory agent.

As well as these actions interestingly enough, it is also the only known natural telomerase enzyme activator, which will actually lengthen your healthy cells telomeres. The telomeres are like the plastic ends on your shoe laces. If you can imagine your cellular chromosomes, as shoe laces in your mind’s eye. With each reproduction of your body’s cells, the telomeres grow progressively shorter. At the end point of your life, the telomeres on your body’s cells become so short, that the cells become senescence and then die and that is when you will die of old age, I might add. So taking his type of herb on a daily basis, not only strengthens the body’s immune system immensely, it can also make you live a lot, lot longer.

Our Chinese friends are naturally quite secretive about the use of this particular herb, so nearly all western medical people have not even heard about this highly beneficial herb. Our Chinese friends probably have a good old laugh at us westerners behind our backs and our generally barbaric ways of doing unpleasant things to our bodies, through our western medical practises, which in many cases are totally unnecessary.

TESS: Are there any other topics you would like to cover in the rest of our interview together Dr Mark Mitchelson?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Well Tess, because you have been so nice to me, I am going to share with you and your readers a few more of my closely guarded secrets. Now one of the most important secrets to healthy living is consuming at least 2-3 litres of clean, pure drinking water per day, so that all the chemical reactions that need to occur in our bodies can occur and so that our organs such as the liver and kidneys can be properly detoxified on a daily basis. For this purpose I strongly recommend using a good water filter and to drink only filtered water. A good water filter will filter out Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other contaminants such as heavy metals and they are extremely cheap and convenient to use, as many models that are available will simply attach to your kitchen sink tap seamlessly.

Of course excessive smoking of cigarettes, taking recreational drugs and drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages are also harmful practises to your health and are best avoided or at the very least minimized, if possible.

Another tip is to try and avoid the overuse of antibiotics, unless you have a really serious infection as determined by your medical doctor. As not only are the infective bacteria responsible for various disease states becoming progressively more and more resistant to antibiotics generally, which is a major problem. The antibiotics once consumed can kill off some of the good bacteria present in your gut for up to 2 years!, so you should always use a good Probiotic Agent like Acidophilus, plus a Prebiotic agent like Bimuno, after consuming a course of antibiotics. The gastro-intestinal canal in human beings contains the largest collection of nervous tissue outside of the brain. Also, the gut is connected to the brain by the Vagus nerve which is a very major nerve. Hence, if your gut bacterial flora is out of balance, then this will have an effect on the brain, because an overgrowth of the bad bacteria, means that the bad bacteria can actually send chemical messages to your brain via the Vagus nerve and thus the whole body can be affected deleteriously with lowered immunity levels and cravings for junk food to further feed the bad bacteria. It is my general experience that the Eastern Medical concept of the Mind Body Complex is only partially well understood properly by most Western Medical Practitioners which is definitely a major weakness in our western understanding of basic disease processes.

Finally, there is one more important thing before I finish off this interview with you my good Tess, that we must earnestly discuss and that is to try and avoid unnecessary surgery options of treatment for any particular medical condition that you can care to name, unless the medical condition that you do have is of a life threatening nature and is truly only amenable to surgical treatment. For example, I would definitely not advise cosmetic surgery of any type, as it is in my view unnecessary surgery and always remember that if a negative outcome occurs for what ever reason, which is far more often than the western surgeons care to admit, means that it is generally a permanent negative outcome!

TESS: Oh thank you Dr Mark Mitchelson for sharing your closely guarded secrets from "THE TREE OF LIFE”!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: It was my pleasure and humble duty Tess to inform you of what I have learnt! I can only truly hope that you and your readers are completely enlightened now, because true enlightenment requires plenty of hard work and reading, otherwise you will never learn anything that is truly worthwhile in life!


TESS: MY dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, I am very happy to report that since our last set of 4 interviews over 12 months ago now, regarding your brilliant new “GOOD NEWS THESIS” on what actually constitutes “THE TREE OF LIFE” and your “ALL AUSTRALIAN NATURAL ANTI-AGING HEALTH REVOLUTION”, that I personally have been following your “All Australian Natural Anti-Aging Regime” rigidly for some very good results.

Hence, my nasty “MRSA STAPH” infection which was a consequence of a failed minor cosmetic surgery procedure has cleared up completely and my friends all tell me that I am now looking at least 7 years younger, in only a 12 month period of time of practising your marvellous Anti-Aging Regime!!!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Excellent news my good Tess and I am quite sure that the amazing Manuka Honey from New Zealand that I recommended you should use on those “golden staph” infected skin lesions, helped a lot too!

Now, I am going to cover some other amazing natural medical material, pertaining to certain Herbs and Spices with regards to their use as not only preventatives, but also treatments to most of the common important disease ailments, which frequently afflict human beings.

However, before continuing, I first wish to quote once again from the Holy Bible!

“The fruit of it shall be for eating and the leaf of it for healing.” (Ezekiel 47:12)

For example if you require a good night of quality sleep, with high levels of Melatonin being secreted from your Pineal Gland, which is also known as your “Third Eye”!, then I would definitely recommend any Herbal preparation which contains Valerian Root, Chamomile, Hops flower and Passion Flower, which have all been independently verified to actually increase Melatonin production from your own body in a natural way, which is why these Medicinal Herbs work so well in the first place.

Basically, when the lights go out at night time, then there is less stimulation of the Pineal Gland via nerve stimuli down your optic nerves, hence the sleep producing natural brain chemical Melatonin is produced. This Melatonin acts on your Pituitary Gland to make it also produce various other hormones at night time, which efficiently recharge and repair your body overnight, thus creating a potent "Natural Anti-Aging Effect"!

It is truly amazing that relief for your mood swings and restless nights can be found in nature. The effects of these particular medicinal herbs are much more subtle than prescription drugs, which make them just as potent, with much fewer side effects, like addiction for example.

TESS: Wow! Are any other secrets you can inform my readers about with regards to the use of Medicinal Herbs for common life health problems?

DR MARK MITCHELSON: The biggest problem that I can see affecting modern people from all of the countries around the Planet Earth is OBESITY, which causes effects high blood pressure and the premature wearing out of the major weight supporting joints in the body, as well as many, many other medical problems such as Diabetes, high Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels, which in turn can all cause effect various Cardiovascular Diseases, such as Heart Attacks and Strokes to occur in the afflicted individuals prematurely at a much faster and higher rate.

Thus, if you are struggling to shed those unwanted excess pounds, then you should definitely try using the Medicinal Herb “Hoodia” which is a native to the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa, where it grows wild and has been used by the nomadic Bushmen to suppress hunger during long hunting trips.

The active ingredient in Hoodia is “P57” which affects your brain in a similar way to glucose, by tricking the brain into feeling full and therefore delaying the time before hunger sets in.

Also, you do not have to worry about any significant side effects with Hoodia, because even at large dosages there are no agitation, sedation or stimulant side effects! Hence, just keeping your body weight and body fat mass down, via our fabulous “Perfect Workout”, and our fantastic “Anti-Aging Diet”, plus the Hoodia Medicinal Herb supplement, are all the tools that you will require, in order to reverse any Common OBESITY Condition States!

Another herb called Garcina Cambogia can also be taken in combination with Hoodia for extra effect in difficult cases and is an exceptionally effective fat buster, by inhibiting the production of fat and when the body is not making fat, it is burning fat!

TESS: That is really Brilliant Good News for the Modern Man, Dr Mark Mitchelson!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Now for the problems of low energy and stamina, which are very common problems for aging people with the poor western junk food type diets, may I suggest a mixture of Siberian Ginseng (an Asian root used for increasing stamina), Guarana (an Amazon berry used to maintain high energy levels) and Cordyceps Sinesis (a Medicinal Chinese Mushroom used to increase stamina).

Just take these components (My Herbal Power Propulsor Formula) first thing in the morning when you wake up and you will be surprised pleasantly, by how much more energy and stamina that you will have throughout your day.

See that was easy!

TESS: I am heading straight down to the health food shop tomorrow, Dr Mark Mitchelson!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Now to markedly improve your brain functioning and verbal memory, the Indian Herb “Brahami” (Bascopa Monniera) is highly recommended!

People taking an extract of Brahami showed significantly improved performance in working memory, verbal learning and information processing skills. Saponins present in this Herb actually repair damaged neurons, enhance nerve impulse transmission and reduce beta-amyloid protein deposits in the human brain.

TESS: Simply amazing stuff Dr Mark Mitchelson! Please do continue!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Another highly beneficial Medicinal Herb I recommend is Echinacea, which can be used as a very potent first line treatment, when you get any type of cold, flu or viral respiratory illness, which constitute the most common type of illnesses that most people want minimised as much as possible, which will be experienced from time to time by just about everybody.

The Echinacea works by boosting the immune function of the body immensely and therefore should be used as a first line treatment for these types of infections, way before antibiotics, which should only be used as a last resort; after all other methods of treatment have failed because of the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance.

TESS: My readers and I will most certainly follow your excellent advices, my good doctor!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Now if you get a bit of depression or anxiety, then I would strongly recommend that you should try St John’s Wort which is a herbal remedy that has been used for hundreds of years for these particular medical conditions as a first line treatment, as the St John’s Wort has far fewer side effects than most of the modern anti-depressants available at this time, which in some cases can be quite severe!

Also, the amino acid Tyrosine can be used taken first thing in the morning, as this is the basic substrate from which the human body manufactures Serotonin, Noradrenalin and Dopamine the three “feel good”, tranquilizing brain chemicals which stop you from feeling depressed or anxious.

Another natural compound called S-adenosylmethionine (SAMI) can also be used as a supplement to treat these types of medical conditions and works by increasing the body’s production of the natural feel good brain chemicals as mentioned above, especially if you are supplying yourself with enough Tyrosine. Finally, it has also been shown recently that supplementation with either Magnesium Carbonate or Magnesium Malate either orally in the form of a pill or trans-dermally via way of a hot bath can by itself reverse depressive states in those afflicted people.

TESS: Oh Dr Mark Mitchelson, it is really true that you are the original “Dr Feel Good”!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Yes Tess, I have been previously called that name by some of my grateful ex-patients! Now you know why and who “Dr Feel Good” is!

Now I want to recommend 2 other important natural products which are Psyllium Husk powder for any type of constipation problem or irritable bowel syndrome, because almost everybody is not getting the sort of fibre intake that they should be with the modern highly processed western junk food diet. Psyllium Husk Powder is also very useful for naturally lowering high cholesterol levels.

Also, for the female patients of our species, may I particularly recommend Cranberry Juice for any type of Urinary Irritation or infection, as this particular juice has very powerful natural antiseptic properties and in a lot of cases will treat minor urinary infections, without the use of any antibiotics at all, which is a huge bonus and of course you do not end up with a nasty Candida (thrush) infection caused by the antibiotics.

TESS: Excellent good news Dr Mark Mitchelson!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, now I want to inform you about the health benefits of my favourite Seven Secret Spices, which should be all used habitually in your meal preparation.

For example when Cayenne Pepper is added to your food it increases appetite, improves digestion, and relieves symptoms from excessive gas, nausea and indigestion.

Garlic is a natural anti-septic and powerful cancer fighter. It lowers Cholesterol, reduces atheromatous plaque and lowers blood pressure and therefore the risk of developing atherosclerosis. It also helps fight bacterial or viral infections and aids in the detoxification of the body. If you get the flu, load up on this herb to the maximum as in a lot of cases it will cure all manner of infections without the use of the dreaded antibiotics.

Turmeric the main spice contained in curry mixes is our next most important spice, as it has powerful anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also packed with anti-oxidants including Vitamin C, A and E which are very good for you as previously discussed.

Oregano is a powerful natural anti-septic. It contains 19 chemical compounds with anti-bacterial properties, as well as 4 compounds that will soothe coughs. It is also a good digestive aid and lowers blood pressure naturally.

Ginger is a wonderful digestive aid which stimulates saliva flow and digestive activity. Ginger is also a highly effective anti-nausea remedy and can be used safely to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness in pregnant women.

Basil is a herbal calmative, which can relieve gas and soothe stomach upsets. Basil also helps prevent ageing.

Black Pepper has a stimulating effect on the digestive organs and produces an increased flow of saliva and digestive juices. It also improves the absorption and utilization of curcumin found in Turmeric.

Hence, if these particular spices are incorporated into your basic daily meal preparation regimes, not only will the meals prepared be much more tastier, but the eventual effects on your overall health and well being will be a very positive one, with a much greater personal immune resistance to various pathogenic bugs out there in the general community.

Obviously the above spices are the most important basic spices to use on a daily basis, however the list of beneficial spices and herbs that can be included in our dietary regimes is quite extensive and I may discuss some more of these herbs and spices in a future interview with you my good Tess.

TESS: Oh My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, I bet that you are even an Excellent Gourmet Chef, as well as a General Medical Doctor and a General Scientist!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: You can take that to the bank Tess! Are you coming over for dinner tonight?!

TESS: Oh yes, thank you Dr Mark Mitchelson from the bottom of my heart, for sharing a few more of your most closely guarded secrets from “THE TREE OF LIFE” with me and my grateful readers worldwide!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: This of course is my humble duty Tess, which is merely for the betterment of all humankind, which my conscience dictates as being of a very urgent necessity given the current state of human affairs!

Also, I believe that giving advice on which Natural Health Remedies are best for certain common medical conditions will promote the Natural Anti-Aging Effect that we are searching for, because a healthy individual who rarely gets sick will definitely be some one who is going to look a lot younger than what they really are, and you can take that to the bank too!


TESS: MY dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, by overwhelming popular demand, I am very pleased to continue our discussion regarding your exceptional “GOOD NEWS THESIS” on what actually constitutes “THE TREE OF LIFE” and your “ALL AUSTRALIAN NATURAL ANTI-AGING HEALTH REVOLUTION”!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Very good my dear Tess, for now I wish to discuss the treatment of ARTHRITIS which is another SERIOUS disease, which afflicts many millions of people here on the Planet Earth. Obviously, the occurrence of this dreadful malady can be prevented from occurring in the first place we hope, by taking our preventative supplements, Glucosamine which I might add has also just been shown in a recent study, through a general metabolic effect to prolong the life span of people by up to 8 years!, Chondroitin, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Sizzling Minerals.

However, if severe inflammation does occur for any reason, there is in fact a natural herbal health remedy by the name of Boswellia, which is an ancient herb, originating from Africa that has been used for thousands of years to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s Disease.

The Boswellia herb works by blocking the lethal pro-inflammatory enzyme 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX). Blocking this particular pro-inflammatory enzyme reduces symptoms of inflammation and helps taper the autoimmune response in the body, without any of the side effects like gastrointestinal bleeding that the commonly used Pharmaceutical NSAID’s frequently produce.

So the Boswellia HERB is really a lot safer, as well as being just as effective in treating the symptoms of ARTHRITIS, compared with the Pharmaceutical NSAID’s that western medical doctors commonly prescribe for these particular medical conditions.

TESS: Oh Dr Mark Mitchelson, that is really good news, because once again you have informed me and my readers, about something that is really important for their long term safe welfare, in my humble opinion!

Please do continue!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, I will now inform you about the benefits of treating high Cholesterol and Triglycerides with plant Phytosterols, also known as plant sterols which are cholesterol like molecules found in plants such as whole grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables.

Only 2 grams of Phytosterols, which can be used in a supplement form, can lower the bad LDL Cholesterol levels by 10% or more, without affecting the good HDL Cholesterol levels or causing any side effects at all, unlike the commonly prescribed Pharmaceutical STATINS, the side effects of which can in some cases be of quite a serious nature, like early onset dementia, mental obtundation, depression and severe polymyalgia (muscle aches).

Hence, with the application of our fabulous “All Australian Natural Anti-Aging Diet” which is low in saturated fats anyway, which is what cause effects this problem in the first place, the use of the Virgin Coconut Oil with regards to our various cooking processes, our fantastic “Perfect Workout” and the use of Fish Oil, Psyllium Husk Powder and Plant Phytosterols supplements on a daily basis, will surely act as a natural and effective method of dealing with high Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels cheaply, without the need to resort to potentially dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs, which should I might add, only be used in cases of severe advanced Coronary Artery Disease and Atherosclerosis causing actual deleterious symptoms in these types of patients, if the truth be told!

TESS: Oh Dr Mark Mitchelson, I am quite sure that my readers worldwide will be very impressed!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Now to lower High Blood Pressure naturally and safely, all you need to do is to take some Beetroot or its Juice on a daily basis. When you eat Beetroot, it is mixed with your saliva and the bacteria in your mouth. This particular environmental combination, creates nitric oxide (NO2), which is the chemical contained in the lining of your blood vessels that makes them expand. When the NO2 then gets into your stomach, another reaction occurs and the NO2 is recirculated throughout your body. This recirculation is what causes your blood pressure to drop, with the biggest drop 3-4 hours after eating the Beetroot; however, this effect can last for up to 24 hours! When these naturally occurring nitrates are circulated throughout your body, the smooth muscle in your blood vessels relaxes which lets your blood flow through the various blood vessels much easier and reduces the strain on your heart. The result is a lower blood pressure.

Considering that most folk afflicted with hypertension have only mild to moderate high blood pressure, then just using Beetroot or its Juice on a daily basis, combined with our fabulous “All Australian Natural Anti-Aging Diet” and our fat weight reducing, muscle building fantastic “Perfect Workout”, means that in most cases Pharmaceutical medications with their associated side effects can be avoided altogether.

Here is my recipe for a marvellous Beetroot and Vegetable Juice!

2 raw organic carrots, 3 organic celery sticks, ½ an organic cucumber, 1 organic Beetroot.

Roughly chop up all of the vegetables, put them in the juicer and then blend them.

Bon Appetite!

TESS: Hey Dr Mark Mitchelson, my mother has hypertension, so I am going to tell her all about the Beetroot cure and go shop for a blender for her immediately! I bet this particular natural treatment is a lot cheaper and healthier for you too!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Tess, you will help me create a Herbal Organic Health Revolution right HERE and NOW!

TESS: My dear Dr Mark Mitchelson, what else do you have to inform me about?!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Well, for all my younger friends out there in the general community who like to party and use recreational drugs or alcohol excessively, for a proper “HERBAL DETOX”! Then I would most definitely recommend BLUE GREEN ALGAE SUPPLEMENTS. This particular super food has about 21 different beneficial actions in the human body, when it is taken orally and is hence highly recommended as a supplement to be taken, to help aid in any type of formal detoxification program, with regards to excessive drug or alcohol usage treatment.

TESS: Oh Dr Mark Mitchelson, that is very good news once again. You are to be congratulated!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Ok Tess, since you know my favourite Natural Medical subject is Anti-Aging Medicine, then let me take this opportunity to inform you about the wonderful Goji Berry which has been used for some six thousand years by herbalists in China. The Goji Berry provides the majority of life sustaining minerals and nutrients that our bodies need, which includes 19 separate Amino Acids, more protein than whole wheat, 11 essential minerals, Vitamin C at higher levels than found in oranges, B Complex Vitamins, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Anti-Oxidant Carotenoids, Flavenoids, and Polyphenols. They also contain Beta Sitosterol, Cyperone, Solavetivone, Physalin and Betaine which are all beneficial s compounds that promote good health and well being in humans.

People eating these Goji Berries in remote Asian locations have been known to regularly live to be 100 years old or more. These Goji Berries are not only delicious to eat, but they are also the world’s most powerful anti-aging food known to man, if eaten on a daily basis.

TESS: Dr Mark Mitchelson that is amazing good news! No wonder you look 20 years younger than what you really are!

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Now for all my Gay friends out there with high Homocysteine levels, which is a natural substance found in the human body, that is not as well known about as Cholesterol or Triglycerides for example, but is even worse for the health of your blood vessels, if its level is too high and way out of balance. My observation over 21 years of general medical practice is that Gay people tend to naturally have high Homocysteine levels, as well as high Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels. Fortunately, high Homocysteine levels can be lowered quite significantly by supplying the body with enough Vitamin B12, which can be sourced from meat products and eggs, and Folic Acid which is a B vitamin found in green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Hence, there really was a good reason why “POP EYE” the sailor man needed both his meat and his greens (spinach) to maintain his health, strength levels and overall well being.

The Myth was right and equals the Truth, so your mother was really right about eating your meat and greens, but did not really know the real medical reason as to WHY!

TESS: Hey Dr Mark Mitchelson, one of my cousins is Gay. So now I will have to go and tell him immediately about this particular metabolic Homocysteine problem and its simple dietary solution which you have informed me about.

DR MARK MITCHELSON: Now I wish to conclude this sixth interview by discussing the management of Type 2 diabetes, which should firstly be treated by applying the principals of our fabulous “All Australian Natural Anti-Aging Diet” and our fantastic “Perfect Workout” so as to reduce our weight and fat mass levels to the lowest possible healthy proportions whilst building our muscle mass. Just doing these 2 important things properly will increase insulin receptor sensitivity to a more normal level.

However, if more help is required to stabilize and lower blood glucose levels into the normal range, then I would definitely recommend using a Chromium Picolinate supplement.

Chromium Picolinate works together with insulin to metabolize carbohydrates and aids in reducing unwanted body fat levels, increases lean muscle levels and helps increase the sensitivity of the insulin receptor sites found in all of our bodies cells.

Chromium Picolinate is a mineral found naturally in small amounts in foods like Brewer’s Yeast, Calf Liver or some whole grains.

The use of these basic core component modalities will treat most people with Mature Onset Diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes), without resorting to Pharmaceutical Drugs and their various assorted side effects.

Of course our MED-HGH Growth Hormone Secreataguoge Supplement will also help quite a lot too by boosting Growth Hormone levels and hence reducing Fat Mass levels, whilst at the same time increasing Muscle Mass levels and thus improving the total body fat to muscle composition profile immensely.

TESS: Oh thank you so much my dear Dr Mark Mitchelson for sharing your most guarded nutritional secrets from “THE TREE OF LIFE” with me and my worldwide readers once again.

DR MARK MITCHELSON: I will really inform you and your readers very soon about my psychological strategies to Anti-Aging and hence disease management in my final seventh interview with you my good Tess.

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